Thursday, November 03, 2011


(pretty sign at Target- when I was taking this picture a Target employee came up to me & asked if I need help with something. Uhm. No. I am just taking a picture of the pretty sign... lol)

Hello Online Friends! How is life?

Since my last post, not a lot has been accomplished in the apartment. I have said that by Friday I will have it guest presentable. :) So that is my goal. Not sure if my crafty area will be completely set up but by golly I will try my best (& the rest of the place will be good to go).

Things I am obsessed with right now:
The Sing Off - I so love Pentatonix
TJ's Honey Goat Cheese on my egg sandwiches
I ordered one of Rebecca's ear warmers (but she is making it into a hat!) I cannot wait to get it :)
Killing bees at work and at home :(
A few fun thrift finds.

The fella & I are also on a no junk food buying band. I am sooo excited about it :) We mainly buy a lot of sweets but I told him no more! If we want a sweet I will just bake something. I am not sure how bagel bites fall into place here. I used to make pizza bites out of wheat thins & pizza toppings. Super yummy.

Ok I have a few hours before work so off to do stuff (or just catch up on Parenthood) & then I am off work tomorrow & a friend is going to take me out for a birthday lunch. Yippee!

a post on turning 33 to follow.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y Night!

I have had every intention of unpacking the apartment at every free moment I had this week. Please notice the word I used... 'intention'. :) Have I mentioned how draining it is to work at Starbucks? I am pretty sure I have. It is.

Wednesday was mine & the fella's mutual day off. We woke up, grabbed beverages at St. Arbucks & went to Trenton to pack up the rest of my stuff. After 1 load, we made the decision to rent the smallest U Haul & just get it over with. Pretty much my room in Trenton had become a storage place for 4 types of things: 1) craft supplies [oh so much] 2) Winter clothing & all of my pretty business clothes [I really miss them. Which is why I cannot get rid of them just yet] 3)recycling [I should have been on hoarders, for saving so much to recycle] 4) huge piles to donate. Also, we thought we may be lucky & find a couch. Which we did! Yay! I love it (& the fella slept on it last night).

Yesterday, I had off work. I had a very ambitious to do list. It all started with sleeping waaaaaay in. :) Then laying around the apartment for awhile catching up some good tv (holy moly Homeland is so good & American Horror Story is ca-razy!). I did manage to get 2 loads of laundry. :)

Something exciting did happen today. So there I was at the grocery store. I was walking the perimeter (which apparently is the thing you are supposed to do) I was looking to see if Chobani was on sale (it was!) & if Popchips were on sale (they were!) & I found this:

Seriously?! I picked up 2 (just in case) & It tastes like an oatmeal raisin cookie with pumpkin spice. Yum! Def going back to get more (they were also on sale) :)

For now we are going to watch Crazy, Stupid, Love , I am going to be drinking these

& then finish organizing the place. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

(at Olde Mill Inn - by me)

Well, today was the fellas & mine mutual day off. This usually means sleeping in, sending him to Starbucks (haha), lounging around, thrifting, eating, etc.)

Today it meant getting out of bed, going to Starbucks, driving to hell (aka Trenton) so that we can move all of my stuff out of the house. It did not seem so bad at first, until we discovered I left some chocolate out for some critters to find, in which they thanked me by leaving their droppings in my yarn basket! So not a happy lady. :(

We could only make 1 trip because we had to get back to our place & get ready to go to a wine tasting. It was a small venue (Yay!) & we got there early (never happens! We even stopped at Panera to get some lunch). I tasted A LOT of red wines come to find out, I am beginning to like them. (that surprised the fella).

(Pretty Gazebo at the Olde Mill Inn)

After a couple of hours I was done so the fella stayed in to drink all of the ... errr, I mean taste the whisky & bourbon.

(Fancy Sitting Area in bathroom) Someone please tell me why the sitting areas in a bathroom? So gross.

All Dressed Up.

Tomorrow I work all day (work is just draining me. I am just so miserable there) I am super thankful that I have a job but something really needs to change. Transfer stores maybe? I try to be happy & work for the Lord. However, by hour 8 it is really hard to be cheerful & laugh & smile as customers are digging through lint to find exact change or as the ask me (ME!) to hold on a minute while they finish up their phone call.

I think I can.
I think I can.
I think I can.

Maybe I will watch these videos before & during work to get me through:

I hope to be all caffeinated after work, so that I can tackle the dining room & my craft area. The mess is driving me crazy!Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Moving In.

Ok, this time I do not know how almost a month passed by.

I have been working a lot, that is for sure. I would like to take this time to tell those non barista working people out there that working at Starbucks is fairly easy HOWEVER it drains you! We barista's go through a lot during shift & there is no slowing down (especially at our store). So after a long shift at work , most night I just grab a beer or caffeine free coke & watch some tv or read.

Of course another thing that has kept me busy is that the fella & I moved in together the other day! Yay! I still have a couple of things to clean up at his old place (& then get all my stuff from Trenton).

I took 2 days off of work & for some reason I got another 2 days off. So that has helped with the move. What has not helped: the rain (power went out for a bit today) & I have been feeling terrible the past few days. Boo.

Sooo tired!

(I am laying in the new lounger! Yay!)

Once I get everything unpacked there will for sure be a apartment tour.

Also, new stuff goes up in the shop this week & I hope to bring back the skirt challenge! (which was put on hold because it has been so FRICKIN hot here & most day I have to wear black and khaki).

Ok, off to clean & then bring the fella dinner & to get some errands done I hope!

Thanks for reading. :)

Monday, September 05, 2011

Apartment Schtuff

More stuff is coming together for the new place :) It seems like there is still a lot to get but really between what the Fella has for his apartment now & what I have at my place in Trenton we have most of what we need.

The main things we have left to get a couch & a coffee table. I hope to find a coffee table at the thrift store tomorrow.

The kitchen colors will probably be red/turquoise. I had already started a turquoise colored baking collection, but I did not want everything in the kitchen to be that color! So to help with that I got some pretty great dishes on super sale at Target they are cute & go with so many pretty colors:

& of course I seriously want this:
but I am a realist & the only way I will get this is from the Fella for a big holiday gift :)

We also got a great deal on a George Foreman grill. *please note, this is silver!*

It is kind of funny because a lot of the stuff that is catching my eye are turquoise & brown... also known as my business colors. Hmmm.
Living Room:
We bought this pretty thing for the living room:

It is mainly the Fella's, haha. We joke that when I am at work during the day he will sit in it & when he is at work at night, I will sit in it. It is super comfortable! (Not for sleeping though, the Fella slept in it last night and said it was not as great as he thought, lol).

My mom is going to make at throw quilt for it so I am excited about that :)

I know that I am going to splurge & get at least 1 of these 2 posters:

(ok, after posting those pics, I know that I will prob get both!)

The Fella's apartment mate was kind enough to give us the dining room table & chairs. I am excited to get my sewing machine out & make cushions & a table cloth/place mats-napkins for that!

I am guessing the base of everything will be neutrals with splashes of color here & there. :)

The Fella has this ugly ass shower curtain, it is of a cityscape. Blah. So here are the curtains I like:

I like how these are outdoorsy feel so I think that is what I want the theme to be in the bathroom. I remember seeing a diy for a wood grain rug, that would be super cute.

Well, that is all that I have for now. Just a couple of weeks left. Eeeek!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Lets Get Physical...

So I have been enjoying going to the gym & I am super excited to get in better shape & especially to get a flatter tummy!

My gym used to be a kids play place, which I find super funny. But it works. Of course there are certain times of the day where there are a lot of creeps there. My work schedule allows me the flexibility to avoid the creeps 95% of the time. :) So Yay for that.

I have found some really great fitness blogs & recipe books to encourage a healthier lifestyle. & I am pretty excited about this.

One thing I was really looking forward to was biking to work, I got this awesome bike, plus a super awesome pannier bag, & some pretty sweet bike clothes from the thrift store... I was so ready! I biked to work 2 times & both times when I got out of work it was pouring rain, I mean POURING. Ugh!

& for the past month or two it has been 90-100 degree weather. That is a little risky for me to bike to work in that heat & humidity & then stand on my feet for 8 hours. No thank you.

It has finally been cooling down! Yay! So it will be super nice to bike to work again. I just love the feeling!

Anyway here is what had been inspiring me & encouraging me:

The Fitnessista : Seriously. I am so glad that I found her blog! A few of the workouts she has posted have been my main work out & I am loving them! She also posts play lists to go with them & they are always the perfect match.

Cooking Light Cookbooks have been so great! I really like this one & this one. I was going to check this book out from the library but it is a really good price on Amazon so I just may purchase it...

I have been reading Bicycling Magazine since I moved to Colorado & I have found some awesome recipes plus workouts in the magazine. I absolutely love it!

Here is what you can find in my gym bag:

This is actually a camper bag from Kelty. It is perfect & can fit cross my body:

It is no secret (to the Bearded Fella) that I love Nalgene water bottles, I think I have 1 Camel Back . Once I pack up everything I will take a picture of all my water bottles. :) I always bring a water bottle plus some Propel: